Now is the Time to Use Fast Charging USB-C Charger– Find Out Why


Many phone chargers are substandard. With phones that can do so much more than their predecessors, companies like include slow, out-of-date USB chargers. It’s not just Amazon selling chargers that aren’t much better, but also the impulse-buy display at your local drugstore. However, this does not have to be the case.

The USB-C charging port on the newest generation of phone chargers is now ready for mass adoption. They’re affordable, dependable, and most importantly, they’re fast. Especially if you buy them from a trusted brand like UGREEN. Their products are known to be of high quality and adopt the latest technology in developing their cables. New iPhone chargers charge phones three times faster than Apple’s free chargers. In addition, USB-C is becoming a more common charging method. Why should you switch to USB-C? Find out below.

What Makes USB-C Different from the Others?

First, a refresher on the fundamentals. For the past 20 years or so, the USB port you’ve been familiar with has been known as USB-A. At least two attempts are needed to get the cable in place and the correct orientation in the port. If you’re using a USB-B, Micro-USB, Mini-USB, or Apple-specific adapter, the other end of the connection may be USB-B, Micro-USB, Mini-USB, or Apple-specific. USB Type-C, also known as USB-C, is the port that will eventually take the place of all the others. When it comes to symmetrical connectors, there is no such thing as “right-side-up.” It works perfectly.

On the other hand, the new USB-C ports are truly remarkable in terms of what they can do. USB-C can supply up to 100 watts of power instead of the 12 watts it was previously capable of. External hard drives and video gear can benefit from data transfer rates that are up to 20 times faster thanks to the new technology that is enabling them to operate at higher speeds. Even for video connections, such as computer displays, USB-C can be used. On the other hand, most consumers can buy a faster charger for a relatively small cash outlay.

Faster charging of your device’s battery is made possible by higher wattage chargers. Using only a 5W charger, an iPhone XR will only charge 17 percent in 30 minutes from a dead battery, but an 18W USB-C charger will double that time.

What Devices Will Work Best with USB-C?

USB-C charging is more convenient when your device is larger. A big tablet like the iPad Pro can only be charged from 0% to 10% with the best USB-A charger in 30 minutes. The iPad Pro can charge 33% faster with a high-quality USB-C charger and cable. Smaller devices, especially when the battery is running low, reap the benefits of this technology. Our tests show that an iPhone XR can charge from 0% to nearly 50% in 30 minutes with a USB-C charger and a USB-C–to–Lightning cable using the latest iPhones and Android phones, which can charge at up to 18 W. When compared to a standard 12 W charger, this is a significant improvement.


USB-C port and type c charger can now be used to charge a growing number of laptops. Despite the fact that they don’t get faster-charging speeds like mobile devices, they benefit from USB universality. USB-C chargers are far less expensive than the brand-specific replacements sold. In addition, you can continue to use them even if you switch laptops or computer manufacturers.

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