Pressure Washers for Domestic Use


Do you ever feel that the outside cleaning duties are hard to tackle? Do you fear scrubbing your car? A pressure washer machine is your ultimate answer. Don’t use brushes, elbow grease, and soapy water to do your cleaning. You only need to point your lance to your target and pull that trigger to blast away that stubborn grime. Pressure washers will handle the job in minutes and not hours as before.

The main challenge is that there are many pressure washers in the market. These machines are not all great for these cleaning jobs. Here, you will get the clues to help you select the best pressure washer, depending on your needs and budget.

The best pressure washers in the market

There are two main types of pressure washer machines: petrol and electric powered machines. The petrol machines are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning jobs because of their higher pressure. They are expensive to buy. Here you will get an analysis of the best electrically powered machines.

There are three categories of pressure washers depending on the pressure rating:

Entry-level machines

They have a maximum pressure of 100bars. They are ideal for cleaning minute items like garden furniture and bicycles.

Pressure washers with 120 bars maximum pressure

They are ideal for cleaning patios, fencing, and dirty cars.

Heavy-duty machines

They have maximum pressure being more than 120 bars. They are ideal for severely stained paving and the mad coated 4x4s

The maximum pressure isn’t a way to assess whether a model will fit your needs. If any manufacturer doesn’t include it, go for the machine with the bar-rated pressure, which is the pressure average a washer can maintain for long.

Before you buy that machine, check the tools included on that machine. Pressure washer machines come with different tools in the box, and with similar product names, it’s easy to buy the wrong machine by mistake.

A machine with a short hose will mean you buy an extension. You may also need an angled want for gutter cleaning. For specific cleaning jobs like cars and patios, you need the best nozzles and brushes made for the specific task.

The machine models can come with special multipurpose nozzles. Their designs deliver diverse spray patterns for different tasks to save you from carrying the entire kit around. As you slowly buy the accessories, getting the right bundle for a start will save your money.

The water flow rate is another specification that you need to on the list to consider. The flow rate shows the amount of water passing through the machine per hour. The average figure is around 400 liters per hour. The higher the flow rate, the faster the machine in cleaning.

The following are the best pressure washer machines that you can buy.

Karcher K4 Power Control. It’s the best all-around pressure washer machine.

Bosch EasyAquatak 110. The best cheap pressure washer machine.

Karcher K2 Compact: the strong mini pressure washer

Worx Hydroshot WG63oE. The best portable pressure washer machine

Nilfisk C135. The best quality machines

Because of many products in the market, you need to take slow the selection process. You will get the best machine to serve your interest well.


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