The Lighter Leash: A Device to Help You Never Lose Your Lighter


Sometimes, I love smoking a cigarette so much that I want to do it all the time. Unfortunately, my lighter is never in my pocket when I need it. So, what do I usually do? Go back out into the cold and rain and search through every possible place where I might have left it (and hope like hell that someone else hasn’t found it first). But what if there was a device that would attach your lighter to you at all times? Such a thing exists!

It’s called The lighter leash: A Device to Help You Never Lose Your Lighter (yes, really), and it’s exactly what you think: an item made up of two parts: a primary leash with straps on each end as well as an optional key ring attachment point; plus, one secondary accessory with an attached safety pin so that attaching things like keys or wallets is easy-peasy!

Some people carry a lighter in their pocket at all times.

Lots of people carry lighters in their pockets. It’s a really handy thing to have on you at all times, which is why so many people keep one on hand. But lighters are small and remarkably easy to misplace — especially if your pockets aren’t always as tidy as you think they are.

Now there’s an awesome new device that solves this problem by making sure your lighter doesn’t go anywhere: The Lighter Leash! This ingenious little gadget is essentially a retractable cord with a spring-loaded clasp on one end and an attached cap for your cigarette lighter on the other. You simply attach it around the waistband of your pants or shorts and let it hang down into your pocket (or wherever else you keep yours).

Usually, you have to take the lighter out of your pocket to use it.

Usually, you have to take the lighter out of your pocket to use it. This means that your lighter is in one place and you’re in another. You need to take it with you when lighting cigarettes, candles, or even fires. It’s inconvenient if not downright annoying!

The Lighter Leash allows you to keep your trusty lighter at hand while still keeping it safe from harm. Simply attach the device to any keychain and attach its looped end around a belt loop on your pants or shirt (or wherever else) so that it won’t fall out of reach when needed most. And if someone tries stealing anything off of YOUR KEYCHAIN? They’ll have some nasty burns coming their way so make sure they get nothing but trouble!

If you forget to put it back in your pocket, you lose it.

Do you know what’s even more annoying than losing your lighter? Being stuck without it for an extended period of time. But if you leave your lighter on the table, or in a pants pocket, or wherever it is that you usually keep it, and then go off to do something else… well, there’s no guarantee that when you come back to get it later in the day (or even later in the evening) that it will still be there.

Because lighters are so small and easy to lose track of—and because they’re often tucked away somewhere where they don’t really stand out—the chances are pretty high that if you forget where yours is right now, then when tomorrow comes around and you remember again, it’ll have disappeared into another dimension entirely.

Lighters are very small and therefore easy to misplace!

Lighters are very small and thus easy to misplace. They’re also often kept in a pocket or purse, which means that if you don’t put them back in your pocket after using them, it’s all too easy for you to lose them.

The Lighter Leash has been designed by the inventor of this product as an accessory that can help prevent situations like these. It is made out of durable material and comes with two different attachments: one for a keychain and another for belt loops or similar items.

The Lighter Leash might be worth buying because I never want to lose another lighter.

If you find yourself constantly misplacing your lighter, this product might be worth a try. The Lighter Leash is a device that clips onto your keychain and keeps your lighter from getting lost. It comes with two keys: one for the car and one for the house — easy-to-remember locations where it would be helpful to keep a lighter on hand at all times.

I’ve found that when I use The Lighter Leash, I’m less likely to lose my lighters because they’re always right there on my keychain — not in my pocket or purse somewhere (or lost under the couch cushions). They’re also easier to find when I need them; instead of patting down pockets or rummaging through purses, all I have to do is locate my keys!


I think the Lighter Leash could be a great product for people who always carry their lighters around with them. I’ve lost so many lighters in my life that I don’t want to lose another one, so I’m going to buy one of these devices! They’re reasonably priced and seem like they’ll do what they’re supposed to do: hook onto your pants or belt loop and keep your lighter safe from harm.

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